Frontline Education

Clocking in Through the Frontline Mobile App

Users whose organizations have the Frontline Insights Platform can clock in directly through the Frontline mobile app.

 First Steps: See Downloading the Frontline Mobile App to get started.

Using the Time Clock

You can access your organization's time clock through the mobile app's home page or via the side navigation. Locate the section titled "Time Clock" and press Clock in to initiate the sign-in process.

The system may prompt you to enable location services. This confirmation allows the app to use your current location, and it is a requirement in order to use the clock-in feature on your smartphone. Press Allow Location Services and select Allow to proceed.


If you have multiple positions or work at more than one location, you will need to choose the appropriate option from the Job Type & Location dropdown. Some districts may also require a comment, and you can select one from a provided list or write your own, based on your district setup.


Once you define your job type/location and leave any necessary comments, you can press the Clock In button. This button will turn red and read "Clock Out" after you successfully sign in.


You can then follow similar steps and press Clock Out once you complete your day. The system will confirm the clock out time and record the work details on your timesheet.