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Your security is our priority. As part of Frontline Education's continuing efforts to protect sensitive data, we are enabling multifactor authentication (MFA) with your Frontline Passport.

Frontline Passport is different from a Frontline ID. See Frontline Passport.

What is MFA?

MFA is an added layer of security used to verify your identity when you sign in to an application. To increase security, your Passport account requires an additional contact method to verify it's you.


Logging into Frontline Passport with MFA

On the Frontline Passport login page, enter your email and password and sign in.

After your first Passport sign in, you will be prompted to set up multifactor authentication (MFA). Your new Frontline Passport requires this one-time MFA setup for security and password reset purposes.

Click Send me an email within the Email Authentication prompt.

Sign In and Authentication Example:verification1 copy.png

The system will send an email to the address provided during the creation of this passport account. In the email, select the Sign In link, or reference the code included in the email.

Email Example: email1 copy.png

You can return to the Passport verification page and enter the code provided in the email. *This textbox entry will appear if you select the link "Enter a code from the email instead" on the verification page.

If you do not enter the code when prompted, the screen will display the following message: "Haven't received an email? Send again." Click Send again if you need to receive another code.

Click Verify to perform the authentication.

Authentication and Code Entry Example:verification2 copy.png

Once the details are entered, sign in with your Frontline Passport at

You can always manage Passport and MFA options via your Account Settings. See Managing Passport Account Settings and select the "Security (MFA)" tab to learn more.