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 Note: *For all browsers, pop-ups must be enabled to use learning resources in the Resource Library.

The "My Resources" page is your personal "hub" within the Resource Library where you can upload your own files, links, and videos, as well as manage existing resources that you have previously created.

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Creating a Resource

To create a new resource, click the Add a Resource button (in the top right corner of the page).


This selection will cause a pop-up box to appear where you can perform one of the following options:

 Drag/drop a file
 Browse a file (on your local system)
 Paste a link (to a website, article, etc.)


 Note: When adding a link, the system will prompt you to categorize the link as either a video, file (i.e. a PDF), and/or an article/blog/alternate webpage. The only exception is if you paste a YouTube or Vimeo link. 

When ready, click the Add & Edit Resource button to proceed. This selection will provide access to the Draft page.

Adding/Editing a Resource

Once you select to "Add & Edit" the resource (or if you access the resource by selecting the "Edit" button at a later time), you can perform the following actions:

 Add/Edit the title of the resource
 Add/Edit the description of the resource
 Share viewing privileges by selecting the "Edit" button and choosing the user(s)
 Add grade, subject, topic, and keyword tags to aid in search retrieval


If you choose to share viewing privileges, the system will provide a list of system users (to the far right of the page). Change the button (from grey to green) beside the designated user(s) to provide visibility. 


Once you are finished, click Save as Draft to record your changes (but not publish) or click Publish to make this article visible/sharable to yourself, as well as any users you chose to give viewing privileges. (You also alternately delete this resource if it was made in error.)


Managing Existing Resources

In addition to the creation of a resource, you can also perform the following actions to an existing resource: 


Resource Management  
Edit Change the resource title, description, or tags.

Note: You cannot change the resource file or link once a resource is saved. (You must create a new resource.)
Publish Make the resource visible to yourself and any users who are provided viewing privileges.

Note: All resources you create are marked as "private" and cannot be viewed by other users unless you specifically share viewing privileges for that resource with other users.
Collaborate Turn an existing video into a collaborative resource that can be shared with specific users.

Note: This option requires LCR licensing.
Archive Make a resource unsearchable and inaccessible to all users while maintaining usage history (i.e. hiding last year's version).
Delete Remove the resource and all its associated usage history from the system (i.e. for inappropriate content).