Understanding Auto-Merge



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The auto-merge feature streamlines a district's account creation process for any users who have multiple points of access. (*Most districts will have automatic merging turned on for their Frontline applications.)

Using Auto-Merge? If you are unsure whether you have Auto-Merge enabled, or if you would like to enable Auto-Merge for a new application, please reach out to customer support for assistance.

Merge Functionality

To "merge" accounts simply means that you can send a single account invitation to a user, and this invitation will allow them to access all their accounts with one username and password.

It is important to note that auto-merge can be enabled for specific applications. You may have Absence Management set to auto-merge users, but not Professional Growth. If you have certain applications with auto-merge disabled, you will need to manually merge duplicate accounts in those applications, as outlined here

Popular Questions

When will Users be Merged?

When auto-merge is enabled for an application, accounts will be merged if one of the following scenarios occurs:

  • If two or more users have matching last names and external ID’s.
  • Or, if two or more users have matching last names and email addresses.
 Pro Tip: If your district has used special characters such as asterisks (*), number signs (#), or extraneous letters (zz) to distinguish certain types of users, these characters will prevent users from automatically merging.

What if users are not merged automatically?

You can manually merge users on the Manage User Access page. If the user has multiple accounts in the same application, with the exception of Absence Management, then those accounts will not be eligible to be merged.

What if users are merged incorrectly?

If two users have been incorrectly merged, you can follow the instructions outlined here to un-merge users.