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Verifying Your Frontline ID Account Email

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Your Frontline application uses an email address as a means for credential recovery/verification. With this in mind, the system will prompt you to confirm your email if a new account is created or if your email is ever updated in the system.

It is important that you provide an accurate and easily accessible email during the initial creation of your Frontline account. This email ensures you can confirm current and future account information.

Completing the Verification Process

If verification is needed, the system will prompt you to access the email address on record and to select a system-sent email confirmation link.

Note, the confirmation link will time out after a duration of time, and if this occurs, you will need to select the Resend link to initiate the verification step again.

You can also opt to enter a new email address if the previous email you chose was forgotten or is no longer accessible. This new email will also need to be verified via a confirmation link.


The confirmation email will contain a verification link (similar to the image below). Click this link to complete the process.


If you cannot locate the confirmation email, be sure to check your inbox folders to make sure the email was not mistakenly marked as spam. If a problem persists, we recommend you contact your District Administrator or contact Support for assistance.

Once the email is received and confirmation is provided, you can proceed to log in to your application.