Frontline Education

Updating a Frontline ID Account Email [Admin]

When creating a Frontline ID account, all users are required to supply an account email. This email is necessary for account confirmation, username recovery, and password reset emails. 

Making Updates as a User

Each user must ensure that they have access to the email address associated to their Frontline ID account, and as a general rule, it is their responsibility to establish and maintain that Frontline ID account and email. 

This means that if a user has access, we strongly recommend that they update their own email via the system's Account Settings (located in the name dropdown via the top right corner of the page).


A new email address can be entered within the "Email" field.


Making Updates as an Administrator

There may be situations, however, where a user created an account with an email that is no longer accessible or that is incorrect. In this scenario, District Administrators who manage user access can update the Frontline ID account email for password resets.

As a District Administrator, you can make this update within your organization's Manage User Access page. Once opened, locate and select the dropdown to the far right of a user's name and select "Edit User's Access."


As you prepare to make an update, please review and consider the following setup scenarios:

Setup Options Definitions
Frontline ID Account Email If a user established a Frontline ID, this is the email associated to their account. *This email field can only be modified if there is an existing Frontline ID account and account email.
Notification Email

This is the email Frontline uses to send an account invitation prior to when the user makes a Frontline account. 

  • Human Capital Management: Update in Staff Directory by selecting the "Primary" email in the user's Staff Profile.
  • Other Solution Suites: Update the user's application record
    (e.g., General Information page, etc.).
Application Details

This is the email on file for the user record. It will be used to match records for auto-merge and to connect the right user record to a district SSO account.

  • Human Capital Management: Update in Staff Directory by changing the "Organization Email."
  • Other Solution Suites: Update the user’s application record (e.g., General Information page, etc.).

 Modifying a User's Frontline ID Account Email

If the user created a Frontline ID account, there will be an "Edit" button to modify the existing account email address. Click this button and make the necessary changes.

Example: "Edit" selection4_copy1.png

Example: Email entry and "Save" selection4_copy2.png

After applying the update, the username retrieval and password resets will be sent to the new email address.

 Auto-Generated Email Notifications

For security measures, an autogenerated email will be sent to the user’s old and new email address once the changes are applied.