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Unmerging Users

As you review the Manage User Access page, you may run into a situation where users have been merged in error. This occurs when the system finds a Last name + Email match OR Last name + External ID match. You may have also mistakenly merged two users manually. Have no fear… Unmerge is here!

Application Requirements

In order to perform an unmerge, there must be at least 2 users across applications or roles. You can confirm if the user is eligible for an unmerge by going to “Quick view details” under the action arrow within Manage User Access.


Performing the Unmerge

Once you ensure you have the correct user, begin by selecting “Quick view details” to review the user details. On the top right, you will see an “Unmerge User” option. By selecting this, the system will separate (unmerge) all users found on this list.


Once you perform a successful unmerge, you will be prompted by a message, and the page will be refreshed to review the new results:


If there are more than two users after performing the unmerge, you can begin the manual merge process to achieve the desired result.