Troubleshooting Platform Login Issues



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This article helps Administrators isolate and identify issues with user profile access, specifically when a user has trouble accessing their account after the district has upgraded to the Insights Platform.

To get started, open the "Manage User Access" page. The user account will display any one of three possible statuses, and the troubleshooting process differs, depending on the status. Let's review each.

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 "Has Account" Status
 "Pending" Status
 "No Account" Status

"Has Account" Status

The user can sign in to any application to which they have been granted access. With this in mind, the “Has Account” status indicates the user has already created their Frontline ID account and should be signing into that account with the credentials they have already set up.


To view the username and email address associated with the account, hover your mouse over the “Has Account” text to display a pop-up with the information. (For security reasons, the password is not displayed.)

You can provide these credentials to the user in question and instruct them to sign in with that username. If the user has forgotten their password, they need to reset it by using the "Forgot Password" link on the "Sign In" page. An email is sent to the address that the user set up on their Frontline ID account - which is the email you see when you hover your mouse over “Has Account” - with instructions to reset the password.

If the user needs/wants their email address to be changed, contact the Frontline support team. We’ll be happy to make that change for the user!

"Pending" Status

The "Pending" status indicates that the user has received an invitation to create their Frontline ID account and has not yet finished the setup of this account. The user must create the account by using the link in the email invitation.


To allow this person to access the system, you’ll want to refer them to reopen the invitation email and continue with the account setup process. This will allow them to access their system through that new Frontline ID login. If they are having trouble locating that previous email, you can always resend them a new invitation.

To send another (new) email invitation, select "Send new account invitation" from the "Actions" drop down list corresponding to this user. The "Send Frontline ID Account Invitation" window displays.


Click Send Invitation.

 Pro Tip: By hovering over the "Pending" text, a pop-up displays the date, time, and email address of when and where the previous email invitation was sent.

"No Account" Status

The "No Account" status indicates that the user does not have a Frontline ID account set up and is unable to log on to any application.


To prompt them to create their Frontline ID Account, select "Send account invitation" from the "Actions" drop down list corresponding to this user. Then click the Send Invitation button in the "Send Frontline ID Account Invitation" window.

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