Updating Platform Account Information



None assigned

The system provides information specific to your Platform Account within the "Account Settings" page. You can reference this page, as needed, to review or update your Frontline Account details (e.g. email address used for password recovery, etc.). 

This page can be accessed via the dropdown beside your name in the top right corner of the application. Simply click the dropdown and select the Account Settings option.


Don't get locked out. You are only able to access "Account Settings" if you are able to log in. With this in mind, it is important to maintain an up-to-date recovery email so you can continue to receive password recovery emails and/or any other important email updates.

Profile Details

The "Profile" window displays by default. From here, you can change the email address that is used for password recovery and update any personal details (e.g. First/Last Name, Military Status, etc.). 

Make sure to click Save Profile to register any changes.


Account Details

Reference the Frontline ID option in the left navigation bar to review your username and password.

You can update these entries, as needed, or you can merge accounts. 



  • Username: Requires 1 alphabet character and 4 total characters. 
  • Password: Requires 1 alphabet character, 8 total characters, and 1 number or special character.

Merge Tool

The merge tool only applies if you have accidentally created more than one Frontline Account. If you select the "Merge them" link, you will have the option to enter the Frontline Username/Password that you want to merge.

Please make sure you only enter the credentials that you want to merge. Do NOT enter the credentials you want to retain for future use. 

The "Verify & Add Account" option will prompt the system to add any account details affiliated with those credentials to your current Platform Account. 


Once you are finished, make sure to click Save Frontline ID on the "Frontline ID" page to register any changes.