Using Auto Invite



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The Auto-Invite feature prompts a Frontline application (with the Insights Platform) to automatically send out account invitations once administrators add new users to the system.

This optional feature removes the need for admins to manually send out system invites, and instead, it prompts the system to regularly perform the invite function for any new user with a "Granted" status.


The auto-invite option is not the default setting in your application. To use this feature, an administrator with the "Manage Organization Access" permission must activate it from the Manage User Access page. 

If you have this permission assigned, you can open the Manage User Access page and locate the "Auto-Invite" option in the top right corner (beside the "Options" dropdown).

By default, the toggle is set to "Off." Select the auto-invite option and click the toggle to "On."


Once activated, a user created in the system will automatically receive an invite when granted access to an application. 


Just keep in mind that the following criteria must be met before the system can automatically send that account invitation:

  • The user must have at least 1 application granted.
  • The user must have an email address.
  • The user cannot currently have a pending invitation.
  • The user cannot already be connected to a Frontline ID.
Want to learn more? Reference this Manage User Access article.