Frontline Education

Manually Merging Users

As you review the Manage User Access page, you may notice repeat user instances where two accounts should be merged into one. 

These secondary accounts are generally combined through a one-time merge process (explained here). But in some cases, the merge may not work, and when necessary, you can perform a manual merge that forcibly combines two separate user accounts. 

Application Requirements

In order to perform a manual merge, you must ensure your system setup matches with the merge's specifications. You will not see the merge option until exactly 2 users are selected in the grid and you have the "Manage Organization Access" permission. 

You also need to confirm that the two users have different user types. (For example, two organization users cannot merge if both are set up in Frontline Central as an "Employee" application user type.) 

Performing the Manual Merge 

Once you ensure you have the proper setup in place, you can click the checkbox beside the two user names in question and select Compare & Merge 2 Users from the "Bulk Change Users" dropdown. 


This action opens the first of two steps in the merge process.

 Step 1: Compare Users

You will first reference a comparison of each user's account and application details. This information highlights each user's Frontline ID Username and user record (e.g. position, email, extension ID, etc.)


Review the information affiliated with each user and ensure you have selected accounts that coincide with the merge requirements. Once you are ready, click Continue. Otherwise, select Back to cancel the process and return to the Manage User Access page.

 Step 2: Select Primary Details

To combine accounts, the system must retain one user and merge the other, and this second page prompts you to select which user you wish to "keep" in the application.


In some cases, the system may pre-select a specific user for you. This automated selection occurs if the system detects a potential system conflict with the alternate account.

After a user is selected, you can then review how the account details will appear on your Manage User Access page. *Note how the system presents the user's Primary Details and current statuses within your organization's applications. The selected account should now reflect the collective data from both users. 


Once you are finished, you can then click Apply Merge to complete the process.