Following Our Browser Support Policy



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The Frontline Education team strives to provide an exceptional user experience for those who access a Frontline solution. With this in mind, a browser support policy will take effect at the start of the 2017-2018 school year. The policy requires minimal (if any) changes on your behalf and simply highlights Frontline's dedication to support multiple web browsers and mobile platforms.

Reference this brief, printable guide for a quick overview of the browser policy or continue to the article below.

Supported Web Browsers 

Data reveals that most individuals use Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, or Apple Safari. Frontline's browser support policy provides an optimal experience for all these browsers released within the past three years, on a rollover basis. We recommend you simply choose one of the browsers mentioned and use a version that has been updated within the past three years. 

Supported Mobile Platforms

The same browser-support timeframe also applies to iOS and Android platforms on tablet devices. The Frontline Education team supports current and previous versions released within the past three years, on a rollover basis.

How to Apply this Information 

Frontline solutions continue to reflect new and improved features, and we recommend you utilize a recent version of your browser or mobile platform to ensure the best possible user experience. You still have the option to use an older, unsupported browser, but any version beyond a three year timeframe may begin to conflict with system functionality. The latest versions offer current security updates and active support! 

Updating a Browser

A browser generally runs updates automatically, but you can always review your current version within the browser settings. As an example, you can select Settings in the Google Chrome browser and select About

The browser then displays which version remains in use and provides the option to run an update, if needed.


For those who complete an update, the browser confirms that you now have the latest version.