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The following Browser Support Policy highlights Frontline's dedication to support multiple web browsers and mobile platforms.


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  Supported Web Browsers 

Data reveals that most individuals use Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, or Apple Safari. Frontline's browser support policy provides an optimal experience for all these browsers released within the past three years, on a rollover basis. We recommend you choose one of the browsers mentioned and use a version that has been updated within the past three years. 

  Supported Mobile Platforms

The same browser-support timeframe also applies to iOS and Android platforms. The Frontline Education team supports current and previous versions released within the past three years, on a rollover basis. 

  How to Apply this Information 

Frontline solutions continue to reflect new and improved features, and we recommend you utilize a recent version of your browser or mobile platform to ensure the best possible user experience. You still have the option to use an older, unsupported browser, but any version beyond a three year timeframe may begin to conflict with system functionality. The latest versions offer current security updates and active support.

  Updating a Browser

A browser generally runs updates automatically, but you can always review your current version within the browser settings.

  Web Browser Extensions

Frontline Education regularly tests its software in all major browsers, but this does not guarantee that its applications will be compatible with all web browser extensions. At this time, Frontline does not make updates to any of its software to accommodate specific, third-party web browser extensions.

It is the responsibility of the client to ensure a chosen extension is compatible with their use of Frontline Education software.

Instructions to disable extensions can vary by web browser and even the specific version of the browser being used. Specific instructions can typically be found by visiting the browser manufacturer's support website or by searching online for this information. For your convenience, this article includes a link below to a third-party web site that offers instructions on how to disable or remove extensions from the most common browsers.