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Changing or Recovering a Substitute PIN

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This article explains how to locate, change, or recover your substitute PIN in Absence Management.

The steps to update a PIN remain the same for both standard and multi-district subs.

View or Update via Preferences

To locate or change your PIN, select the "Preferences" option in your application's side navigation.


From the "Preferences" page, select the Phone Credentials option on the left.


The system will provide your phone login ID, as well as your current PIN and the option to change it.

If you need to change your PIN, enter a new, 6-digit PIN in the "New PIN" field and re-enter it in the "Confirm New PIN" field to verify.

Once you are finished, click Save Changes.


Retrieve Via PIN Recovery

If you are unable to log in and view your phone credentials, you can request they be sent to your email from the Absence Management PIN webpage.


  • Select the Substitute option from the "Employee Type" dropdown.
  • Enter the phone number affiliated with your account
  • Include your first and last name.
  • Click the Email PIN button.

The system will send a recovery email where you can view your PIN.