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Managing User Roles in Frontline Admin

This article explains how to manage a user's roles within the Frontline Administration application. Only users provided with Administrative permissions can complete the steps outlined in this article.

 How it Works: "Frontline Administration" houses Administrative tools used to create and manage accessibility for your Frontline products. It is supported by Frontline Passport, which is a piece of your larger Frontline Platform. This article assumes a user has already been created in Frontline Administration.  Search for a user to access their profile and complete the following.

You can manage a user's system access in one of two ways (i.e., suspend or remove). 

Suspend Access

Suspension of access should be used to temporarily remove access to a role. This scenario applies to users who will return in the future (e.g., for substitutes during summer, etc.). Select the toggle button beside the role to remove the "Granted" status. A suspended account will appear in gray. 

2024-01-23_09-50-51 copy1.png

You will need to toggle the button back to "Granted" again to restore access.

Remove Access

The remove function will permanently remove the user from the affiliated role(s). This function is similar to the suspension action in that it also removes system access, but the Admin will no longer see the role(s) for this user. 

Select the "Actions" dropdown and click Edit Assignments to gain access to the "Remove" option. 

2024-01-23_09-50-51 copy2.png

Click Delete beside the role toggle or select Remove All to collectively perform this action to all the user's roles associated with that organization (if the user has multiple roles).

2024-01-23_09-50-51 copy3.png

A pop-up message will appear. Click Remove Role / Remove All to confirm.

Example of Remove Role pop-up2024-01-23_09-50-51 copy4.png

Example of Remove All pop-up 2024-01-23_09-50-51 copy4z.png

Remember to save your changes when finished.