Frontline Education

Frontline Passport (SSO)

Does your organization not use Single Sign On (SSO)? If not, navigate to Frontline Passport for account creation steps.

A Frontline Passport is your unique username and password used to access your Frontline applications. Once set up, your Passport account provides improved security, among other enhancements. It is a core component of the Frontline Platform.


Getting Started

The process begins when you sign into a Frontline application. The system recognizes your current credentials and prompts you to click "Continue" to update to a Frontline Passport account.

Three options are then presented, based on your system configuration. With SSO, you will select Continue Updating with SSO. The two alternate options only apply to organizations that do not use SSO, as outlined in the alternate Frontline Passport article.


Connect with SSO Account

A prompt will appear to confirm you want to proceed with your SSO account. Click Got it, I'm ready to update using SSO. The system will take you to the Frontline Sign In page where you will provide your SSO email. You will then be prompted to authenticate with your Organization's SSO account. 


Once you sign in, the system will confirm that your SSO credentials are now associated with the Frontline Platform. This association provides enhanced security to protect your user data. Click Continue to Frontline to access the application. 


When finished, you will still continue to use SSO to sign in to your org.