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Frontline Passport provides account management across all Frontline applications. When your district migrates to Frontline Passport, users will authenticate into the ProgressBook suite using Frontline Passport. Frontline Passport learning resources are available in the Learning Center locations below.

Frontline Education Learning Center (Does Not Require Authentication)

You are currently in the Frontline Education Learning Center. 

Because Frontline Passport is used by multiple Frontline applications, the Frontline Education Learning Center is the primary location for Frontline Passport learning resources. Articles in this Learning Center are available before a district has migrated to Frontline Passport and before users have set up their Passport account or signed in to ProgressBook

Note: The Frontline Education Learning Center is an open Learning Center, which means users are not required to sign in to a Frontline application to authenticate before they can access this Learning Center.

In the Frontline Education Learning Center, Frontline Passport resources are located in the Frontline Passport category, which includes the following sections of articles:

  • Frontline Passport Account: Articles in this section cover how users set up and manage their Frontline Passport Account.
  • Frontline Administration: Articles in this section describe the tasks system administrators perform in the Frontline Administration application, such as creating a user, resetting a password, and running a migration report.

SIS-Ohio (ProgressBook) Learning Center (Requires Authentication)

The SIS-Ohio (ProgressBook) Learning Center is accessible to users who are signed into the ProgressBook suite. In a ProgressBook application, select ? > Learning Center from the banner to go to this Learning Center and click the Frontline Passport tile on the Home page to quickly access the Frontline Passport category with the Frontline Passport Account and Frontline Administration sections of articles.

Note: In the SIS-Ohio (ProgressBook) Learning Center, information about Frontline Passport may not be as detailed as information in the open Frontline Education Learning Center, but in these cases, links are provided to the Frontline Education Learning Center for more information.