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Searching for a Person in Frontline Admin

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This article describes how to search for a person within the Frontline Administration application.

 First Steps: If you have Admin permissions, take a moment to learn how to create a person in addition to searching for and managing a person's existing profile details.


Access Frontline Administration via the application dropdown provided in the top purple bar of your application, or via the app selector used during initial sign in.

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Person Search

The "Home" page contains the search engine used to locate and manage all people within your organization. Use the Name search box(es) or alternate between the Advanced/Basic Search to define your query by email.

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Account Status  
  First/Last Name Enter at least 3 characters in either field.
  Email Address Enter the person's email address affiliated with their account. 

The results will display the person's name, email, and quick view details. 


Select the person's Name link to access their Organization Details page. Or, click the View Details link to view a pop-up of their Quick View details.

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