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Creating a Person in Frontline Admin

This article describes how to create a person within the Frontline Administration application. Only those provided with Administrative permissions can complete the steps outlined in this article.

 How it Works: "Frontline Administration" houses Administrative tools used to create and manage accessibility for your Frontline products. It is supported by Frontline Passport, which is a piece of your larger Frontline Platform. 


Access Frontline Administration via the application dropdown provided in the top purple bar of your application, or via the app selector used during initial sign in.

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Create Person

Access the Frontline Administration "Home" page and select Create a Person in the top right corner. 

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This selection provides access to the new person creation page where you will include the following:

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*First, Middle, *Last Name Enter the person's first and last name, with the middle name being optional.
*Email Enter the email address this person will use and have access to for communication and information relay.
*Role Assignment Select the organization, application, and role assignment this person will fill. You can add new assignments, as needed.

Once finished, click Create Person to add them to your organization. 

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This selection causes the person's Organization Details page to open.

Manage User Organization Details

This page includes the details entered during the creation of a person's account, as well as their Frontline Passport details, if set up. 

Frontline Passport

Frontline Passport consists of a person's Frontline login credentials (name, org email, MFA options, and recovery email). The person must create these credentials before system access can be completed.

This passport will only need to be created once and will provide access to all affiliated Frontline products to which the person is assigned. See Frontline Passport.

For a new person, click the dropdown beside "No Passport" and select Send Account Invitation if they have not yet completed these steps. (A user will only need to create a single Frontline Passport, and will never need to create multiple Passport accounts.) 

Example of No Passport2023-09-29_08-10-001 copy.png

Once set up, the person's passport details will display in this section. For an existing person, click the dropdown to send a password reset, if needed, or open a quick view of their passport details. You can also hover over the MFA details, though the system will only display a segment of this data, for security purposes.

Example of PassportAPassport cop2y.png

Applications and Roles

The Applications and Roles section lists all assignments added during the person's initial creation. Select the "Actions" dropdown to add new assignments or edit the existing assignment(s). You can also click the toggle button beside role(s) to enable or disable system access for that given role.

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Once finished, select the Frontline Administration link (upper left) to return to the "Home" page. You can always search for and manage a person's details at a later time, as outlined in the resource below.

 Additional Resources: Searching for a Person

Additional setup may be required to configure a person's access to pages and functionality within specific Frontline applications. See your application's Learning Center for more information.