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Granting Content Curator Privileges

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 Note: *For all browsers, pop-ups must be enabled to use learning resources in the Resource Library.

In order to create and manage resources within My Organization Resources, an organization will need to set up and assign its users with the proper permissions.

A Frontline representative will get you started by first assigning at least one user within an organization with "Organization Content Curator Admin" rights. This permission allows that user to then assign additional users within their organization with "Content Curator" or "Content Curator Admin" rights.

These permissions can be assigned through the Content Curator Tool.

  1. Resource Library
  2. Manage Content Curator

This selection opens the "Users at [insert Org Name]" page.

From here, you will search by a user's name to locate the individual that requires the "Content Curator" or "Content Curator Admin" rights.

Enter the name of the user in question and click Search.


In the results that appear, locate the user and click the radio button beside the permission you want to enable (i.e. Content Curator Administrator or Content Curator).


 Note: There is a key difference between these two permissions. A Content Curator Administrator can assign permissions to other users within their organization and also upload resources on behalf of the district. The Content Curator can only upload resources on behalf of the district.

As an additional note, a Content Curator Administrator can switch the toggle off to remove another user's Content Curator rights, as needed.

Users with the "Content Curator" or "Content Curator Administrator" permission can begin to create and manage resources affiliated with their organization. Reference the "Creating and Managing Resources" article to learn more!