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Creating and Managing Resources

 Note: *For all browsers, pop-ups must be enabled to use learning resources in the Resource Library.

Users with the proper permissions can create and manage resources via the My Organization Resources in the Resource Library.

  1. Resource Library
  2. My Organization Resources
 Note: Only users provided with Organization Content Curator or Organization Content Curator Admin Rights can access the Resource Creation Tool (My Resources). Reference the "Granting Content Curator Privileges" article to manage these rights.

Once this page is selected, you will see a list of resources created by other content curators who are affiliated with your district's organization.


From here, you can perform the following functions:

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 Managing Existing Resources
 Adding a Resource
 Editing a Resource

Managing Existing Resources

Each resource will include a dropdown to the far right where you can manage its visibility and details. These options include:

Resource Options  
Edit Resources This action allows minor changes to the resource title, description, or tags. (Note, you cannot change a resource file or link once the resource is saved. A new resource must be created.)
Publish Resources This action makes the resource both searchable and accessible to users within your organization via the Resource Library.
Archive Resources This action causes a resource to become unsearchable and inaccessible to users of the Resource Library but maintains usage history. (For example, you can hide the previous year's version but still retain useful data.)
Delete Resources This action removes the resource and all the associated usage history from the system. (Note, a deletion cannot be reversed, so we recommend you use this option with caution.)


Adding a Resource

In addition to managing existing resources, a user with the proper permissions can also add a new resource to their organization's content.

To do this, click the Add a Resource button in the upper right corner of the Resource page.


This will open a pop-up where you can upload a file/video or paste a link.

File/Video Upload

Select Browse to choose a file from your local system or drag and drop the file into the box cutout.


Your application will provide a confirmation once the file upload is complete, and you can click Add & Edit Resource to further manage the options affiliated with this new content.


Paste a Link

You can also paste a link into the provided box.

Note that the system will prompt you to categorize this link as either a video, file (PDF), or alternate resource (article, blog, etc.) with the exception of YouTube or Vimeo links. (Videos in private YouTube or Vimeo channels are not supported at this time.)

Once complete, you can click Add & Edit Resource to further manage the options affiliated with this new resource.


Editing a Resource

Once you add a resource, you can determine its affiliated details. This includes a title, description, applicable grades, subjects, topics, etc. (Note, these details aid in search results once the resource is created).

Complete the required fields (indicated by a red asterisk) and any additional, optional fields. Then, click Publish to post the resource and complete the process.


You will see the new resource posted to the "My Organization Resources" page.