Frontline Education

Forced Password Reset

Organizations can perform a collective, system-wide mandate that requires all Frontline users to update their password.


This feature is available to all organizations who utilize the Frontline Insights Platform. Please contact Frontline Support to have it enabled.

Force Password Reset

Once implemented, Administrators can access the Manage User Access (MUA) page in their Frontline application and select Force Password Reset via the "Options" dropdown.


A confirmation will appear. Select Force Reset to force the password reset for all system users. 


Keep in mind, you should only select this option if you want to force a password reset for all users affiliated with your organization's Frontline application(s). This action cannot be undone.

User Password Reset

Users will receive a password reset prompt the next time they attempt to log in to their Frontline application. The message states, "Your password has expired. Please select the Forgot Password link to set a new password."


The user will select "Forgot Password" and enter their username in the field that appears. This entry confirms the user's identity and prompts the system to relay a password reset link to the email found within the user's Frontline account.  


The user will select the "Change Password" link contained within this email and will enter a new password using the Frontline password requirements. 


Forced password reset does not apply to Single Sign On (SSO) users.

Popular Questions

Consider the following frequently asked questions for additional information.

What apps does the forced password reset affect?

All Frontline applications that use IDM (Manage User Access) as the login processor.

Does this apply to SSO users?

No. Only users who have Frontline Accounts will be required to reset their password. If an SSO district is looking for this functionality they will need to reach out to their SSO provider.

Will logged in users be kicked when the reset is initiated?

No. If a user is logged in when the forced password reset is enabled, they will be able to continue their session. The password reset will need to be performed the next time they attempt to sign in.

Can the reset action be set to a schedule, such as 90 days?

No, it cannot.

Is there a limit to how many previous passwords can be used?

The user is only prevented from entering their current, expired password as the new password.

Can a reset be initiated on a user-by-user basis?

Not at this time. Resets will apply to all users with login access to an organization.

Can a reset be initiated on an app-by-app basis?

Not at this time. Resets will apply to all users with login access to an organization.

Can a District Admin send a reset link to "unexpire" a password?

Yes, as long as the user resets their password with the link sent by the District Admin via the Manage User Access action of “Reset User’s Password.”