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Merging Repeat Users (User Access Page)

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The "Options" dropdown on the Manage User Access page helps you review how the system displays the users' data, and it provides a means to make any necessary adjustments via a bulk merge process.

 Note: The instructions for the "Options" dropdown only apply if you need to associate a user's different accounts across your multiple applications, and this action of merging repeat user accounts will only need to be done once.


This "merge" specifically applies to instances where some names are repeated within the list of users (as seen in the image below).

 How It Works: The merge is designed to recognize repeat names and combine those different instances into one, complete entry. To consider a user as a single entity, the system requires either a last name and external ID or a last name and email address to match. This means you will need to review your user list and apply the necessary identifiers to correct repeat instances. 


Download User CSV

To begin to review your users, click Download User CSV from the "Options" dropdown.


This will download an Excel spreadsheet that shows the current identifiers for each user in the list. 


In this example, you may notice that Luke Adams does not have an email registered in the system for one application or an external ID. A missing credential such as an email could cause a repeat instance.)


Review this list to find any missing information and return to the proper application to input the needed identifiers within that user's profile. 

Download Merge Preview

When finished, click Download Merge Preview from the "Options" dropdown. This second option provides the same file with those same columns, but it shows theoretically how that data will merge if you run it.


Review the updated list, correct any mistakes in the proper application, re-run the option, and review once more, if needed. 

Bulk Merge Users

When you make the necessary adjustments, click Bulk Merge Users as a final step to run/merge the data and complete the process.


Next Steps

*Once an initial merge is complete, you can contact the Frontline Support team to configure your system to automatically merge new users as they are added! 

 Note: If you run the merge, you may still find users who have separate instances. If this occurs, you can follow the directions outlined here to manually merge users. And, if you are confused as to why some usernames still repeat, please review this QuickStart Guide for additional clarification.

With a proper user list in place, you can begin to review your list and perform any desired adjustments to the application access page.