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Secure File Transfer System Overview

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To provide increased security measures, administrators will begin to use a Secure Upload site (known as Serv-U) to share or transfer data files containing personally identifiable information (such as a user's SSN, credit card information, etc.). Frontline provides this site as a proactive measure to protect your user's information. 

The Secure File Transfer System allows Frontline and its clients to send and receive files via a SSL-encrypted secure file transfer protocol. This means that Frontline provides top-level security if your organization needs to relay sensitive data or files. 

You will want to use the Server Upload site when transferring user information or user records (i.e. student, employee, or sub record data) that contain identifiers.

To better understand what defines "personally identifiable information" (PII), we recommend you reference this QuickStart Guide

Accessing the Secure Upload Site

If you require access, a Frontline representative will provide an invitation link via chat or email. The email will appear similar to the example below and will include the following:

  • The sender's email address (Can be used for responses or questions)
  • Subject line (Often includes the district name)
  • Optional comments (May include notes or instructions)
  • Link expiration (Pre-set to 7 days from the initial request but organizational preferences may vary)
  • Selectable link for secure site access


Take note that in rare cases, you may be required to enter a password to access the Secure Upload site. If this occurs, the Frontline representative will also provide the required access code. 

If an invitation link expires, you will receive an error message (as seen below). Simply contact the sender to have the representative re-send the invite. 


If you cannot locate the email in question, please check your spam/junk email folder. If you still cannot locate the invitation, consider contacting Frontline Support. 

Sharing Files (with Frontline) 

You will receive an invitation link in the event you need share a file with Frontline that contains sensitive, user-based data. 

Select the link provided via chat or email to access the Secure Upload site. Once opened, the site will allow you to upload the necessary documents and relay the needed information to Frontline. 


Click Browse to open your computer's documents and select the file in question. Then, repeat this process for as many documents as needed and click Upload once you are finished. 


The system will provide a confirmation message that lists the uploaded documentation. 


A Frontline representative will then retrieve and process the documentation via the file sharing system. 

Receiving Files (from Frontline)

In addition to sending files, you may also need to receive and download a file from Frontline. A representative will send a selectable link via chat or email to access the Secure Upload site. 

Once you select the link, you can reference the sent files. 


Click the checkbox beside the file(s) in question and click Download to review the provided documents.