Frontline Education

Logging into a Frontline Application (with the Insights Platform)

Organization users who have the Frontline Insights Platform can take advantage of a single Login URL to access all their Frontline applications ( This single URL replaces all other URLs currently used by a District, and it detects which applications a user can access while providing entry to any of those applications.

All existing, application-specific login URLs will still work.

When first visiting, you will log in with your Frontline ID account.


Once logged in, the system detects your configurations and presents you with the appropriate, selectable options.

If you belong to multiple organizations, the system will first ask you to choose which organization you want to access. Select the desired organization to proceed. (Don't worry, once you're logged in, you can always use the organization switcher if you need to also perform tasks for more than one.)


At this point, the system will present you with a list of your accessible Frontline applications.  Simply select the application where you want to get started, and the system will log you in.  As mentioned earlier, you can always use the application switcher to navigate between applications to complete any necessary tasks.

This screen is dynamic and may appear different to each user as it will present the relevant options based on the user's access.


That's it! One URL to remember to access all the applications you need!