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Adding Timesheets for Additional Hours Worked

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Some employees perform extra duty assignments outside their standard work schedule and these employees must add a timesheet to account for this additional time. 

For starters, access the login page at and enter your login ID and PIN. As a reminder, Admins generally assign a phone number as the user ID.  

Log in and select the Timesheet icon from the homepage.


This timesheet feature records your work time and if granted the proper permissions, you can add or edit additional timesheets.

Click Actions and select Add Timesheet from the dropdown menu. 


A pop-up box will appear. Choose the work date and the extra duty job from the dropdown menus and click OK to confirm. 


You can then enter the start and end time for the extra hours and provide a comment to explain the created timesheet.


Once you are finished, click Save Changes to confirm your entry and click Submit for timesheet approval. 


This action opens a window where you can choose which timesheets to submit. Check the box(es) next to the desired timesheet(s) and click Continue.


A second pop-up appears. Include any additional comments for your approver and click Submit Timesheets.