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Using the Timesheet


Check out our related video -  Filling Out Your Timesheet (2:11) - as you review this topic.

Depending on the permissions given by your district, some of the functions you see here may not be available to you. For more information, please contact your Administrator.

Your district may require you to enter your time manually into a timesheet. To access the timesheet, click the Timesheet option on your home page.


At the top of the timesheet, you will see your name as well as the date range of the timesheet and the total hours. You can view records of scheduled time, entries of time worked, and a summary for the week of the time collected.

Select the date range you want to view by clicking the calendar icon near the top left corner of the window.


A window will pop up. Use the drop-down menu and the calendar icons to select the date range you want. Then, click Change Date​.


The days of the week appear as blue bars. The darker blue bar is the day you have selected. When you select a day, the job location and type will appear directly underneath the bar. Underneath that is your scheduled time. The date range will default to the current date but you can use the calendar icon to change the date range you are viewing.

Use the blue bars to navigate to different days of the week. Each day of the timesheet will show your normal schedule as well as your "Sign In" and "Sign Out" events.


Adding Time

If a new time event isn't already open, click the Add New Event button.


Then, type in your "in" and "out" times and click Save Changes.


Editing and Deleting Time

To edit time that you have manually entered, click on the time or click the pencil icon.


To delete time you have manually entered, click the trash can icon.



You can comment on individual "in" or "out" events by clicking the text box next to the time. Then, click the Save Changes button.


You can also comment on the entire timesheet using the large "Timesheet Comment" section located underneath the time events section. Don't forget to save any changes!


Submitting Your Timesheet for Approval

At the end of your work week, you may need to submit your timesheet for approval. To do this, click the blue Submit button at the top right corner of your timesheet.


This will open a window where you can choose which timesheets to submit. Check the boxes next to the timesheets you would like to submit, then click Continue. You can also do a similar action when reverting timesheets.


Then, if you'd like, add comments in the text box. Lastly, check the box to confirm the timesheet submission and type in your PIN. Then, click Submit Timesheets.