Frontline Education

Using the People Locator


Check out our related video -  Using the People Locator (1:58) - as you review this topic.

From the side navigation click Reports, then choose People Locator.


Viewing Information in the People Locator

The People Locator is designed to give you a snapshot of where everyone is in real-time for the current day. The key to learning this information is to focus on the "Status" column. It will tell you the last clock event for someone or if they have scheduled leave.


Use the various filters at the top of the report to specify the info you are looking for.

Click the arrow left of the name to see any details that are available. Here you will see related absence information along with a complete schedule and clock activity for the day.


There are four different types of statuses:

  • In/Out Event: A record of the most recent time a user signed in or out.
  • Leave: Planned time away such as an absence for the day or a calendar event.
  • Scheduled: A user is scheduled to work, but the current time is before their scheduled "IN" time.
  • Missing: A user is scheduled to work, but the current time is past their scheduled "IN" time and no clock event has been recorded.