Reviewing and Approving Timesheets



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Check out our related video -  Quickly Reviewing Time (Campus User) (2:45) - as you review this topic.


Check out our related video -  Reviewing and Approving Timesheets (4:35) - as you review this topic.

To access the Timesheet Review click Reports in the side navigation. Then, click Timesheet Review.


Depending on your permissions setup you may not have access to all the functions you see here.

On the "Timesheet Review" page, pick the desired date range. The Administrator will have set up the date ranges, but you can also select “Custom Range” at the top of the drop-down list. You can also use the "Filter" and "Sort" drop-down menus to filter and sort the timesheet accordingly.

Filter Options:

  • Outstanding Timesheets - Show only the timesheets that are not completely approved on all levels.
  • Rejected Timesheets - Show only the timesheets in rejected status.
  • Payroll Exceptions - Show only users who have payroll records that are marked as exceptional in the "Wage Option Assignment" page.
  • Net Difference - Show only users whose timesheets have a net difference.
  • Needs Approval - Show only users whose timesheets are in "Submitted" status


For more advanced filtering, click the Advanced Options link. Here, you can change the duration format from "Time" to "Decimal". With the "Time" setting, "7 hours and 15 minutes" would show as “7:15″. With the "Decimal" setting, it would show as “7.25″.

You can also narrow by user name, locations, job type, and Custom User Groups.

​To apply the date range and filter options you have selected, click the Search button.


The timesheets will display for the date range selected. Each row gives the Total Scheduled, Total Working Time and Paid Leave, Total Time, and Net Difference for the employees for that week. The status of the timesheet is also shown.


  • Total Scheduled - This is the number of hours based on the recurring schedule.  For the date range you have chosen, this is what the person would have worked if all days were typical days (no absences or closed days).
  • Total Paid - This is the total time that the user will be paid for.
  • Total Time - This is the total time for the date range you have selected.  Worked hours as well as paid absence durations count toward this time.  Admin time is also calculated into this total.
  • Net Difference - The difference between scheduled and total paid time.  If the total time is less than scheduled, it shows up as negative.
  • Status - The status of the timesheet will be shown by an icon if you have multiple levels of approval.

Clicking on the status brings up the status pop-up. The pop-up will show the last update made to that timesheet record whether it was submitted automatically by the system or if the user submitted it. It will also display comments if any have been entered, and list a time and date stamp for the last update. Also included in the pop-up is the "Status Log" button that will bring up the full status log for that timesheet record.


Here is what the Status Log looks like:


To expand a row on the timesheet, click the expand/collapse icon and the system will give you each day’s timesheet summary data for that person.


To see the actual Timesheet or the Payroll Review, click the corresponding icon next to the user’s name.  The Timesheet icon is the one with the clock.  The Payroll Summary icon is the one with the dollar sign.


To take any action on timesheets use the Approve, Reject, or Reset Timesheets button at the top of the page.  You will get a pop-up window where can choose from the following options.


Click Approve, Reject or Reset as appropriate.  Once a timesheet is approved, it cannot be edited unless it is reset to submitted or pending.

If you reject a timesheet you may be required to select a "Reject Reason" and leave a comment. You should only reject a timesheet if that employee has the permission to edit their own timesheet and make a correction.