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Getting to Know the Timesheet

The timesheet can be broken down into three parts: Timesheet Navigation, Timesheet Details, and Timesheet Job Summary, and this article shows a brief overview of each part. 


At the top of the timesheet, you will see the name of the user as well as the Actions Menu, Date Range, Summary of Hours and buttons for Saving, Canceling, Expanding and Collapsing the timesheets.


  1. Actions Menu – This allows you to preform functions including adding, copying, or moving a timesheet as well as viewing the payroll summary or the change log.
  2. Date Range – This allows you to view past timesheets by choosing a particular week or selecting a custom date range.
  3. Summary of Hours – This shows you at a glance both hours accounted for as well as hours that are paid.
  4. Saving and Cancelling Buttons - These buttons allow you to save or cancel any changes you make on a timesheet. The buttons will turn grey if no changes have been made.
  5. Expanding and Collapsing Buttons – These buttons will allow you to expand or collapse all of the timesheets at once. You can also expand a single day by clicking the arrow in the top right corner of that day.  

Timesheet Details (Middle of the Timesheet)

The Timesheet Details section is the main part of the timesheet. It includes the user’s Schedule, Time Events, Admin Time, Leave, and Timesheet Comments.


  1. Schedule – This is the time a user is expected to work in a given day.
  2. Time Events – These events are actual time worked. Time events can be recorded from a scan at a kiosk or manually entered directly into the timesheet. If time is manually entered, the time will appear as orange. Additionally, an accounting code or account allocation can be set manually or by default for each time event.
  3. Admin Time – This is auto-deducted time, typically an unpaid break.
  4. Leave – This is time deducted due to an absence or a calendar event such as a holiday or calamity day.
  5. Timesheet Comments – This is a field where optional comments can be left for the approver. 

Timesheet Job Summary (Bottom of the Timesheet)

At the bottom of the timesheet, the total hours for the time period as well as those hours that are paid will be broken down by Location, Job Type, and Event Type.