Using a Time and Attendance Kiosk



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Using a Kiosk is easy! First, scan your barcode at the kiosk or enter your ID & PIN. Then, click the Login button.

On some kiosks, you may need to click the "Use ID/PIN" button in order to manually enter your credentials.


Then, if you have multiple positions or you work at multiple locations, you may be required to specify your duties and location of work. Once you do that, click the Green Button to sign in or out depending on your current status.


As an employee, if your sign in was successful, you will see a "Success!" message with the location and job type you are working.


As a substitute, if your sign in was successful, you will see a "Success!" message with information about who you're filling in for, the location, the job type, and the confirmation numbers.


If the sign in was unsuccessful, an error message will appear.

If you receive an error message, please report the exact wording of the message to your Administrator.

When you are ready to sign out, follow the same steps as shown above.