Journey of a Timesheet



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Check out our related video -  The Journey of a Timesheet (2:04) - as you review this topic.

The timesheet is a combination of both time spend at work and time absence from work. This allows supervisors to see a complete picture of time and attendance, and lets the business office to apply contractual rules to this raw time for payroll.

To help better understand how the timesheet works, let's take a look at an example:

Sandy Thomas is an Instructional Aide. On Monday and Tuesday, she worked during the hours she was scheduled for.



On Wednesday, Sandy took a sick day, which was paid.


On Thursday, she worked one hour more than what she was scheduled for, and left a comment for her approver.


Friday was an unpaid holiday for Instructional Aides, and we see Sandy's scheduled hours adjusted accordingly on her timesheet.


Underneath her timesheet, we can see a summary of Sandy's work-week.


This timesheet is now ready for review and approval by the appropriate supervisors. If mistakes are noticed during review, a supervisor with the right permissions can make the necessary corrections.