How Jobulator Works with Absence Management



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Curious about Jobulator? This article will give you a brief overview of what Jobulator does, how it interacts with the absence and substitute management system, and debunk some common misconceptions about Jobulator.

About Jobulator

Jobulator is a subscription service that automatically and continuously checks for jobs and notifies substitutes of absences in the system. Plus, substitutes can easily accept jobs from their desktop computer or mobile device. For more information, please go to

True or False?

Jobulator follows all of the preference lists and skill-matching settings in absence management.

True! Jobulator is not a timed advantage, and users do not have an unfair advantage when searching for jobs. Instead, Jobulator is a convenient way to alert substitutes of new job openings.

Jobulator doesn't offer anything for districts.

False. On the contrary, most districts see better fill rates when they allow substitutes to use Jobulator. The percentage of Jobulator users typically matches the percentage of jobs filled. For example, if 10% of substitutes in a district use Jobulator, 10% of all the jobs in that district will usually be filled using Jobulator.

Jobulator is expensive for substitutes.

False. Jobulator costs only about half of its top competitors' subscription fees. Typically, if a user picks up just one more job by using Jobulator, the subscription pays for itself. Plus, substitutes get a free 14-day trial when they first sign up!

Jobulator is free for districts to enable.

True! Jobulator does not cost anything for districts. Substitutes sign up for Jobulator and manage their Jobulator accounts on their own; no additional work is required from the district.

Jobulator can turn off competitors and prevent them from accessing the absence management system.

False. We have no access to competitors and we cannot turn off their services.

Districts can see if a substitute rejects a job on Jobulator.

True! If a substitute rejects a job on Jobulator, it will appear as a line in the Absence/Vacancy Log.

Jobulator is supported by Frontline Education.

True! If you'd like to enable Jobulator for your district, or if you have any other questions, you can contact our absence management and Jobulator support teams here at Frontline!

Still Have More Questions?

We hope this has cleared up any confusion you may have had about Jobulator! If you still have questions, please feel free to contact our Client Services representatives.