Providing Application Access in Applicant Tracking



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Districts that utilize the Frontline Insights Platform provide users with a more secure, efficient, and consistent user experience. Once acquired, the platform allows users to update to a single Frontline ID account and to enjoy an improved sign-in experience across any Frontline applications.

This process begins by providing users access to the application, and as an administrator, you can manage this task in one of two ways. 

Keep in mind, the mentioned invite for application access differs from the application permissions that exist within the system. This current article refers to general access to applicant tracking which allows for the improved functionality that the insights Platform provides.

Edit User Page

Home > Users > Create a New User

With the platform enabled, each user must manually update to a single Frontline ID account, and you can immediately invite a user to do this once you enter his/her basic information within applicant tracking. 

To begin, access the "Edit User" page, select the "Main" tab, and click the checkbox beside the section titled "Send application access invitation to new user (Email sent when you save this page.)." Then, complete the user's record and click Save New User


Once you save the individual's basic information, the checkbox you selected prompts the system to send an email invitation (as seen in the image below). 


The user can then follow the prompts to create a new Frontline ID account (or to sign in with an existing Frontline ID account), depending on the individual's current system setup. Click here to learn more.

Keep in mind, the system removes this invite option from the "Edit User" page once you create the user. If you do not select the option during this process, you will need to follow the steps mentioned below.

Application Access Page

Those who do not select the option to send an email invitation while creating the user can still send out the necessary invites through the "Application Access" page. 

Home > Users > Application Access

This page allows you to review a user's status (active, inactive, etc.), manage user email accounts, and provide or revoke system access. 

Several filter options and a search bar appear at the top of the page. Use these as necessary to locate the user in question.

  • All Users: Every user in your system
  • Access Granted: All users with access to log in
  • Paused: Users temporarily unable to log in 
  • Invitation Sent: Users granted access and invited to update to a single Frontline account or to link to an existing Frontline account. 
  • No Access: Users without access who were either newly added or had access revoked 


The system also includes a series of columns that provide additional details for each user.

  • User: Indicates a user's recorded real name
  • User Type: Identifies an individual as a SuperUser, Standard user, or Routings Only user
  • Account Status: Identifies current access provided within the system 
  • Credentials: Displays the username and email associated to the user's sign-in information. (Due to security reasons, the system never displays a user's password.) 

Any new users or revoked users will have "No Access" listed beneath the "Account Status" column and will require an email invitation.

Click Send Invitation beside the status to prompt the user to sign in or create a new account. 


The system confirms your selection and marks the account status as "Invitation Sent." 


You can manage all user accounts in this way. Simply locate the user(s) in question and select the appropriate option.