Frontline Education

Transitioning to the Insights Platform as a Multi-District Sub

As a multi-district substitute, you must make a slight transition if one of your districts upgrades to the Frontline Insights Platform. This transition does not change the data within your application but provides an enhanced method for accessing your multi-district details.

Updating Your Account

A district that upgrades to the Insights Platform will send you an invitation email to create a new Frontline ID account. Click this "Create a Frontline ID" link to begin the account creation process.

This new username and password will replace your current phone number login and 4-or-5-digit PIN, and you will use this new Frontline account moving forward to log in to your application(s).


A new account creation page will open. Enter your first and last name, followed by a username and password and your preferred email. Then, click Create Frontline ID.


 Additional Resources: Guide: Creating a Frontline ID Account

New Look

Once you create your Frontline ID account and log in, the Absence Management feature will appear slightly different, but the same functionality will still exist. 

Application Switcher This displays your current application. Some users have access to more than one application based on which district is selected and which applications the district has purchased.
District Switcher This allows you to delve further into a specific district to view available jobs or assignments.
Help Resources This contains the district's contact person and a link to Frontline's Learning Center.
Frontline Account Information This controls a series of settings. Click the "Multi-district" vs. "Substitute" view to either collectively view all applicable district information (multi-district view) or to view a single district at a time. Select Account Settings to change your username/password and manage Frontline Account settings. Or, click Sign Out to exit the application.
Notifications This allows you to view all personal notifications.
Side Navigation Bar The side navigation includes Available Jobs, History, Feedback, and Preferences.


Connecting Other Districts or Accounts

If any district or application does not appear through your Frontline ID account, you can add it through your Preferences. To do this, click Preferences via the side navigation and click District List from the options that appear.

Each option applies to a specific scenario.

Add a District Select this option to add an additional district to your account so you can collectively view details for both. (Simply enter the credentials for the additional account and click Add.)
Merge Frontline ID Account Select this option to merge multiple Frontline ID accounts if you accidentally created more than one username/password during the creation of your single Frontline ID account. (Enter the username and password for any additional Frontline ID accounts you created and click Verify and Add Account.