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How the Insights Platform Applies to Multi-District Substitutes

You may have heard some recent buzz about Frontline's new Insights Platform! This exciting addition provides increased security measures and includes single sign-in capabilities for district users with multiple Frontline applications.

As you review your own organization's setup, you may have questions regarding the substitutes who work in multiple districts. The Insights Platform is an upgrade that provides enhanced functionality, but not all districts may have the upgrade. Review the following section to address a few frequently asked questions regarding multi-district substitutes and the Platform. 

What happens to a substitute when a district goes live with the Platform?

Once a district goes "live" with the Insights Platform, a substitute will need to transition to a single Frontline ID account. You can learn more about the creation of this account here.

Will a substitute's Frontline ID account apply to all districts (with and without the Platform)?

A substitute will use his/her Frontline ID account for all districts. This includes districts with and without the Platform.

How will a substitute continue to use his/her PIN?

Multi-district substitutes associated with any district on the Insights Platform will no longer use their multi-district PIN to log in online, but they will continue to use this PIN to accept jobs and check for available jobs when using the phone system or Jobulator. They will also use their single-district PINs to log in or clock in on Time & Attendance kiosks.

What happens if a multi-district sub who uses the Platform forgets his/her sign-in credentials?

All users who set up a Frontline ID account will manage their own credential recovery. They can follow the prompts on the sign in page to acquire both their ID/username and/or their PIN/password. You can learn more about credential recovery here.

How can a multi-district sub add a district?

Multi-district subs who do not see a district through the Frontline ID account can go to Preferences > District List and enter their original phone number and PIN to add a district.

Does a substitute's content appear different once their district has the Platform?

The content of a substitute's site remains consistent with a substitute's current account. The Platform provides enhanced system functionality (i.e. single username/password, side navigation, etc.).

If you have any additional questions, consider referencing the Learning Center for additional information or contact the Support Team. You can also learn more about the Insights Platform via our information page here.