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Acquiring Forgotten Credentials for a Frontline ID Account

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This article is only applicable if your organization has upgraded to the Frontline Insights Platform.

Once you create your Frontline ID account, you can retrieve a forgotten username and password through the application's sign in page. This credential recovery process allows you to manage your own Frontline ID account without relying on Administrators for assistance!

Choosing an Option

The Sign In page includes two links below the entry boxes that read "Forgot Username" and "Forgot Password".


Forgotten Username

If you select I forgot my username, the system will prompt you to enter the email affiliated with your Frontline ID account. (You chose this email during the initial account creation.)

Enter this email address and click Email Username.


You will receive an email with the username(s) found in the system.


Forgotten Password

If you select I forgot my password, the system will prompt you to enter the username affiliated with your Frontline ID account. 


Enter this username and click Continue to receive an email through the address affiliated with your Frontline account. This email will contain a reset link where you can change your password. 


It is important to note that Administrators cannot retrieve a forgotten password. However, they can assist with username retrieval. Contact your Administrator if you experience any trouble receiving the username recovery email.