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Districts that purchase the Frontline Insights Platform also gain access to the Frontline Education mobile app! The user-friendly app provides increased accessibility to key features such as the Daily Report, absence creation, and other time-tracking tools.


Getting Started

In preparation, please ensure you meet the following qualifications prior to downloading the app:

  • Your district must utilize Frontline's Insights Platform and use the Frontline Absence Management feature.
  • You must already have a Frontline ID account with a single username and password.
If you wish to take a moment and learn more about upgrading to your single Frontline ID account, click here!

If you meet these qualifications, access the app store on your mobile device and download the Frontline Education app. Once the download is complete, you will click Get Started to proceed to a sign in page.


On the Sign In page, proceed to enter your Frontline ID and click Sign In.

Key Features

The homepage displays information applicable to your permission setup. The graph at the top of the page provides an overview of filled or unfilled absences, and you can select a particular timeframe (Yesterday, Today, and/or Tomorrow) to view that day's absence data.

You can also select Approvals (to review absences pending approval) or Absences Today (to identify which of your district absences are filled, unfilled, and/or do not require substitutes).


Menu/Side Navigation

The "Menu" opens a side navigation bar where you can access current tools and settings. Please select one of the options below to learn more about this functionality. 


These options include:


Click People to view your contact list. You can select an individual and review his/her email and/or contact details.




Select Approvals to review absences pending approval.


You can then select an individual from the list to approve or deny a request.




Select Absences to identify which of your absences are filled, unfilled, and/or do not require a substitute. You can select a specific individual from the list to review individual details and assign a sub (when needed). You can also select the "+" icon to create a new absence.




Choose Calendar to view upcoming scheduled absences and any Professional Development events you have registered for through Professional Learning Management. (Note, the user can also use the mobile app to electronically check in prior to attending the event.)




Reference your inbox to review any messages.




Choose Settings to review your current district details, switch user types, or log out of the app.




You can also select Feedback to inform Frontline of any bugs or issues with the application's functionality. Your feedback is always welcomed and reviewed in a timely manner.