Frontline ID Account and Email Invite



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Welcome to the Frontline Insights Platform! To get started, you will experience one of two scenarios:

  1. Receive an email invitation to create a Frontline ID account. ("Receive an Invitation.")
  2. Be prompted to create a Frontline ID account the next time you sign in. ("Create a New Account.")

This new username and password will replace any former login credentials and allow you to access all your Frontline applications with a single username and password.


Check out our related PDF - Account Creation - as you review this topic.

Receive an Invitation

Those who receive an email invitation must make the proper selections to either set up a new Frontline ID account or to sign in with an existing account.


Create a New Account

To access the new functionality associated with your application(s), you will need to create a new Frontline ID account in accordance with Frontline requirements.

This new account replaces your former login credentials and allows you to access your different Frontline applications via a single username and password.

Select Create a Frontline ID within the invitation email (for email invites) or select the prompt to Update My Account during application sign in (for shadow migrations). Either scenario takes you to a login page where you must create new login credentials.

Your new username must contain 1 alphabet character and at least 4 total characters. (An email address is recommended.) The password must have 1 alphabet character, 1 number or special character, and 8 total characters.


Your Frontline application uses an email address as a means for credential recovery/verification. With this in mind, the system will prompt you to confirm your email if a new account is created or if your email is ever updated in the system.

Once your email is verified, the system enables access with your new username and password and activates the enhancements associated with the Insights Platform. These new upgrades incorporate features such as application switching and a single url sign-on page (go to

Sign in with Existing Account

The "Sign In with your Frontline ID" option in an invitation email is only applicable in special circumstances (such as having to provide access to a multi-district user, etc.) In such cases, you will have already received this email invitation in the past and created a Frontline ID account.

If this applies, select Sign In with your Frontline ID and enter the Frontline ID account you previously created from the prior invitation email.

As a general rule, users will primarily receive an invitation email to create a new Frontline ID account and not to sign in with an existing one.

With the creation of your new account, you can begin to utilize all the improved functionality associated with the Insights Platform.