Using a Private Email for a Frontline ID Account in Absence Management



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Once your organization upgrades to the Frontline Insights Platform, you will receive an invitation email to create a Frontline ID account.

This new Frontline ID account replaces your former login credentials and allows you to collectively access all your Frontline applications with a single username and password. Reference this QuickStart Guide to learn more. 

Providing an Email Address

You will provide a first name, last name, username, password, and email address during the creation of your Frontline ID account.

 Pro Tip: Your Frontline application uses an email address as a means for credential recovery/verification. With this in mind, the system will prompt you to confirm your email if a new account is created or if your email is ever updated in the system.


Confirming Your Email

Once you select the option to "Create a Frontline ID," the system sends you a confirmation email. Access your email and click Confirm your Account to verify.


Managing Email and Account Settings

Once you confirm, you always have the option to manage account details (profile, address, etc.) through your Account Settings.

(Click your name in the top right corner of the application's home page and select Account Settings.)


This page lists your basic information and allows you to review or adjust the current email on record.


Acquiring Forgotten Credentials

If you forget a username/password during the login process, select Forgot ID or Username and/or Forgot PIN or Password.


The system will prompt for an identifier and will email you the required information to sign in.


Simply open the email, select the prompt, and enter the username or new password. 


Take note, some organizations may utilize a single sign-on option where the login credentials are shared among a group of individuals. If this applies, you will select the Or Sign In with Organization SSO option to enter the email affiliated with your account.