Sending an Email Invitation for Application Access in Absence Management



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District Admins with the Frontline Insights Platform will provide and manage system accessibility through a security page titled "Application Access." Located within the Security section of your side navigation, this page allows an Admin to review a user's status (active, inactive, etc.), manage user email accounts, and provide or revoke system access.

To send an invitation email, you will first need to locate the user in question within this Application Access page.

If you are currently within the user's General Information page, you can save time and click Manage Login Access for this Employee under the "User Access" section. (This links you directly to the user's account within the Application Access page.)


You can alternately click Security > Others > Application Access from the side navigation and enter the user's name in the search box on the Application Access page.


Both options direct you to the person's security access details.

Any new users or reactivated users will have "No Access" listed beneath the "Account Status" column and will require an email invitation to access the application.

Click Send invitation beside the status to prompt the user to sign in or create a new Frontline ID account. 


The system confirms your selection and marks the account status as "Invitation Sent."


The user then receives an invite similar to the example below, and he/she must make the proper selections to either set up a new Frontline ID account or proceed with an existing account. For more information on this process, click here